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Corporate Event Planning

A special event can be defined as a unique one-time occurrence focusing on various themes and causes. Corporate event planning encompasses a broad spectrum of events including galas, award dinners, fundraisers, product launches, signature sporting events, ribbon cutting ceremonies and numerous other celebratory occasions.

Your organization wants a memorable, rewarding and engaging event. Get the attendees excited and awed by combining your vision with our expertise. By engaging with CE&O for corporate event planning, your event will be rewarding and exceptional.

I’m in charge of our annual fundraiser. I need to find a great location and create something people can’t wait to attend!

It takes time to research and get availability and rates regardless of the type of venue you need for your special event.

Because of our experience and business relationships, CE&O can provide ideas and options that will create the environment and experience you want for your attendees.

But we don’t stop there! CE&O’s corporate event planning solutions help you find and contract any service you need to make your event exceptional including registration, site selection, transportation, décor, entertainment, speakers and gifts.

CE&O is here to make you shine! Just call or email us. We’re here for you.

Let’s make Your Events ExceptionalLet’s make Your Events Exceptional

Does your organization need a catalyst to boost sponsorship and fundraising efforts?

Challenges exist in developing new and creative ways to focus on your goals via special events. Stakeholders can offset those challenges by partnering with CE&O to create that unique blend of ideas, managing your budget and time. This affords your team leaders to focus on company objectives for the event.

The CE&O team brings you into the creative process by understanding previous results and investing in the desired outcome. Statistics show 80% of businesses and non-profits annually utilize special events for fund raising and employee appreciation.

Could your organization be missing some key components with your current corporate event planning strategy?

CE&O has extensive experience supporting stakeholders using experienced planning and on site staff, obtaining various permits, celebrity entertainment, motivational speakers and vendor contract negotiations. CE&O partners with you to ensure the goals and logistics of the event meet and exceed your expectations.

CE&O’s experience in special events are vast and varied.

I want to do something special for my loyal customers to show my appreciation.

Signature Sporting Events – Watching championship sporting events on TV is enjoyable, however, nothing compares to being there. Events like the Super Bowl, The Masters, Kentucky Derby and US Open Golf/Tennis provide that once in a lifetime experience that remains with your guests for years.

CE&O has the resources to design and manage programs that will take you and your guests beyond simply attending a major sporting event to experiencing a customized and exceptional experience created for you.

How can we build momentum for our tournaments and raise more money?

Golf Tournaments – Golf tournaments are a popular way for an organization to provide a networking opportunity or charitable fundraising option for the company and its community. Non-profits and corporations alike use tournaments to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility.

CE&O has managed numerous tournaments on some of the most highly ranked courses across the US.  Whether your players are experienced or beginners, CE&O makes sure that everyone is included starting with a communications strategy that will build up to the event including golf clinics, power foursomes and scramble tournaments.

Do you ever wish that special events were more special?

Galas –It’s a well-known fact that people love to dress up and socialize. Gala events feature themed décor, celebrity/motivational speakers and customized entertainment. Galas are a way to celebrate employee recognition, awards ceremonies, company anniversaries, charitable fundraising and more.

CE&O understands that engaging your audience is key for the success of the event. Dressy doesn’t have to be stuffy!

Let’s talk about a few more special event types. Those that are part of a marketing strategy for an organization.

Let’s make Your Events ExceptionalLet’s make Your Events Exceptional

How do I get my team and my customers To become an advocate for our products and services?

Experiential Marketing – Many people aren’t quite sure how to approach experiential marketing. It’s often misunderstood or misused. These types of events are a marketing strategy that directly encourages people to interact with the brand.

CE&O works diligently to incorporate your brand experience into your events. Your goal is to convert the customer from a user to a brand advocate. Experiential marketing is essential in the B2B and B2C sectors.

CE&O will partner with you to design a custom program including communications featuring your product prominently to remain front and center of your customer’s day to day decisions when purchasing.

This event has to BE great.

Seminars – Today’s business environment calls on us to not only provide a service or product, but to be a resource for knowledge. 96% of all buyers do their research online before reaching out to any business.

CE&O can implement a design that will make your seminars interactive, informative and contain idea exchanges in regards to your product. Additionally, CE&O can offer solutions that support the message through social media channels.

Other types of special events can include Expos, Tradeshows and Conventions. These programs allow various companies to showcase their offerings and have representatives available to address immediate and upcoming needs. These types of programs are also a great way to build relationships, educate participants and close deals from multiple types of buyers in a single setting.

I can do it myself…

CE&O is your full-service corporate event planning partner who can promote your programs, conceptualize, manage invitations, registration, housing accommodations, sponsorships and on site execution. We excel in providing a post program debrief to share results and consider how to make your next program even stronger.

Regardless of the type of special event you need to execute, CE&O wants to be your corporate event planning partner. A partner who understands your goals and plans and ensures those goals are met and exceeded.

Let’s make Your Events ExceptionalLet’s make Your Events Exceptional

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