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Keeping Your Hot Events Cool

Tips to Keep Your Event Cool - Corporate Events and Occasions Dallas, Fort Worth Houston TexasThe temperature is rising and keeping your attendees cool and healthy is important. Here are some fun ideas to help keep everyone a bit cooler:

• Cooling stations: The old fashion cooling stations are still very important. From “swamp coolers” to indoor air-conditioned areas, this is still valuable to keeping attendees healthy and happy. You can add in creative areas to the old idea, like kiddy pools that are perfect for dogs, kids or adult kids. (Just keep the water very fresh).

• Popsicle/snow cone stand: Add a Popsicle or snow cone stand near your cooling area. This is a great “value add” and could create a new sponsorship area or sales area.

• Our fans: One idea has people, “fans,” walking around with cool water spray bottles with fans (on the spray bottles), to offer people who are warm, quick cool downs.

• Water arches: Add in a fun water feature, this can be done with an old-fashion sprinklers to create a water arch for people to walk under or through. (Always have an opportunity for them to avoid it too. Also make sure the surface area does not get to slick.)

• The fan way: Create a walk away of fans. Use big industrial fans to create a breeze way for people to walk though. You can add in a few swamp coolers to heighten the “cooling” impact. Make sure you have plenty of first-aid stations for those who do get over heated. Also make sure that staff/volunteers know the symptoms for over-heating and how to treat it. Having fun is very important, but keeping attendees safe and healthy is the most important. Not sure how to implement these ideas or need additional help, email us at info@ceocorpevents.com.

Until then,  good luck keeping your hot events cool.

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