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Selecting the Location of Your Meeting or Event - Corporate Events and Occasions Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, TexasThe old saying goes that location is everything. There is truth in that statement, especially when

considering the venue for your event. Finding the ideal venue can be daunting. Here are some tips to

help you secure the right venue for your event.

Tip 1: Start Early

The earlier you secure your venue the better. This tip is especially important when securing an event

during an “on-season.” A prime example is a holiday party or a reception during a popular tradeshow.

Simply stated, the best venues are booked first. Another reason to start early is to offer more time for

marketing. A venue can play an important role in helping people decide if they want to attend.

Tip 2: Consider the Time of Year

The time of year can play an important part in reserving a venue. If you want to host a reception at

AT&T Stadium, look at hosting it outside of football season. Also remember the time of year when

deciding indoor/outdoor. Some venues offer a beautiful patio, which is perfect in fall but not so much

for a hot Texas summer day. If you are in a resort area, consider the venue’s “off-season” for better

pricing and availability.

Tip 3: Know the Rules

Historic homes, museums and art galleries can make for beautiful venues but you need to know their

rules and regulations. Many require you to use their vendors, and others have restrictions on signage,

as well as, food and beverage. Know these rules before you sign the dotted line.

Tip 4: Define Your Requirements

Know all your specific needs, including food/beverage, audio visual, floor plan, and budget all before you

select a venue. Communicate these requirements to a venue you are interested in so they understand.

These requirements could eliminate some venues and allow you to logically narrow your search.

Tip 5: Be Creative

With the limits and budgets that can impact an event, creativity can have a positive impact. Creative

venues can help reduce costs and create a dynamic event/meeting. Get outside of the typical hotel

rental, and look around.

Tip 6: Stick to Your Beliefs

Make sure that your venue aligns with your organization’s beliefs. If your company advocates for

healthy living hosting your event at an old-fashion soda fountain/candy shop, might not be the best

idea. Also, make sure the vision of your organization will be well represented if held at the venue.

Truly, stick to your beliefs.

Making the most out of your event, meeting, or party is important. Remember we can help you with

any of it or all of it. Email us today at info@ceocorpevents.com and take the first step to making your

event goals a reality.

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