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Corporate Events & Occasions Management

What is your idea of a partner? A company that can provide service and logistics for your events?

How about a partner who understands that you are investing in those experiences in order to maximize conversion for the success of your organization?

CE&O is the ideal partner when you want to take that crucial step in making sure your events actually provide a return on your investment and objectives. Our business model goes beyond event management to include a process of collaboration, sharing creative ideas and providing the experience needed to safeguard your vision and convert it into an exceptional outcome.

Your relationship with CE&O is supported by a team of professionals, each of whom have multiple years of experience and hold numerous industry certifications. Our team is dedicated to understanding your overall needs, desires, challenges and goals. Once that crucial step has been achieved, an enthusiastic plan is tailored to fit you perfectly. The CE&O team thrives on creating and executing custom plans that are outcome driven.

In addition to being an extremely skilled team, the CE&O team offers you our high touch service. Your stakeholders will be treated warmly with care, enthusiasm and professionalism prior to the event, during the event and post event. Afterwards, we even meet with you to review the program in detail in order to continue building on your success.

CE&O is here to provide you with unsurpassed service along with the utmost in skill and experience. Everything we do is intended to Cultivate Exceptional Outcomes for you.

Debra McDonald
Founder CEO/President
Renee Press
Director of Operations
Cheryl Brown
Sr. Event Consultant
Heather Tutor
Events Manager
Tida Green
Events Manager
Vanezza Garza
Sr. Event Manager
Lilly Jolivet
Administrative Assistant/Onsite Travel Staff
Becky Steil
Sr Events Manager
Renata Leverence
Events Manager
Crystal Harden
Events Manager

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#151621 Ft. Worth, TX 76108