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Regardless of the budget, location, number of attendees or the agenda, the main goal of a meeting is to bring all of your stakeholders together to achieve an objective.
  • Top Sales Performers
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  • Call Center Excellence
  • Wellness/Fitness
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
Planning, communicating and executing a well-run incentive program requires experience and insights to current trends that are key to the success of your program.
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  • Golf Tournaments
  • Experiential Marketing
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Your organization wants a memorable, rewarding and engaging event. Get the attendees excited and awed by combining your vision with our expertise. Your event will be rewarding and exceptional.

Are you tired of the same stale solutions to your new business challenges?

Do you need a partner to structure a program that will truly motivate your team?

Do your meeting planners need support with team building, decor, activities, tours or transportation?

Are you looking for that perfect team building event that is relevant to your specific needs?

Do you want to present your team with new options to stimulate their engagement?

Does your organization need a catalyst to boost sponsorship and fundraising efforts?

Your Partner in Meeting, Incentive & Event Planning

Global Service Beyond Mere Logistics

Imagine having a meeting, incentive or event planning partner that understands when you are executing a meeting or event you are investing in a process that is intended to create action.

Welcome to Corporate Events and Occasions: Your first step to Cultivating Exceptional Outcomes.

Meetings, Incentive Programs and Events are handled a little differently here. Because as you know, if you continue to do the same thing, you’ll always get the same result.

Exceptional outcomes don’t just happen out of desire.

Exceptional outcomes must undergo a process of discovery and planning, followed by memorable experiences resulting in positive action and maximum conversion.

Are you looking for a partner who is experienced in providing the ultimate in service and logistics for your meetings, incentive programs and  events as well as being savvy and skilled in managing your desired end result and goals?

Would you like to have team who are experts at collaborating with you to execute a plan that will not only provide exceptional events, but go one step further to ensure exceptional outcomes?

Do you want to collaborate with leaders who will support you in achieving your meeting, incentive program, event and marketing goals?

You want Corporate Events & Occasions.


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Meetings, Incentives & Events: Sharing Our Knowledge

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Fueling Attendees with Creative and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Fueling Attendees with Creative and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Meet the Management Team

Corporate Events & Occasions is a women-owned, minority certified business delivering exceptional solutions for corporate meetings, travel & merchandise incentives, special events, signature sporting events and golf tournaments.


Debra started CE&O in 2001 in Houston, Texas and is expanding her operations to the Dallas Ft-Worth area.  

Debra McDonald
Founder CEO/President

Renee Press is the current Director of Operations for CE&O. Renee was the angel investor that helped CE&O when it first started in 2001.

Renee Press
Director of Operations

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