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Pain Points

Tired of stale solutions to new business challenges? Need a program to motivate your team?

Need team building, decor, activities, tours and/or transportation?

Looking for new options to stimulate team engagement?

Need a catalyst to boost sponsorship and fundraising?

You want Corporate Events & Occasions.

Your Partner in Meeting, Incentive & Event Planning

Your Partner in Meeting, Incentive & Event Planning

Global & Digital Meeting Services Beyond Mere Logistics

Imagine having a meeting, incentive or event planning partner that understands when you are executing a meeting or event you are investing in a process that is intended to create action.

Welcome to Corporate Events and Occasions: Your first step to Creating Exceptional Outcomes.

Exceptional outcomes don’t just happen out of desire. Process: Discovery + Planning + Strategic Execution = Positive Action and Maximum Conversion

Looking for a partner to provide the ultimate in service and logistics for your meetings, incentive programs and events?

Seeking savvy and skilled professionals to deliver your desired end result?
Need expert collaborators to execute a plan that provides exceptional events and ensures exceptional outcomes?

Do you want to collaborate with leaders who will support you in achieving your meeting, incentive program, event and marketing goals?

You want Corporate Events & Occasions.

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