Corporate Meeting Planning

A meeting can be defined as a gathering of people, committees or teams with a common interest whether it’s ten people or thousands of people. Nevertheless, we’ve all been frustrated by meetings that did not result in taking action or achieving an objective.

Regardless of the budget, location, number of attendees and/or the agenda, the main goal of a meeting is to bring all of your stakeholders together, face to face or digitally. We know this works because digital and hybrid meetings make up 50% to 70% of overall marketing and sales budgets in business today.

Corporate Events and Occasions is ready to assist you with your support needs when planning a meeting, incentive or special event. Let CE&O lighten your load by providing experienced support staff for pre-event needs, on-site management and post event wrap up tasks.

We have contract staff available for you ranging from administrative support all the way up to extremely experienced account managers in global event management, conferences, meetings, trade shows and more!

CE&O can be your solution to finding and contracting any service you need to make your event exceptional including registration, site selection, transportation, decor, entertainment, speakers, tours and activities.

CE&O is here to make you shine! Call or email us. We’re here for you.

A major frustration felt by the team is when companies try to manage meetings internally, believing it will save time and money. But does it, really? Did you hire your team because they were experienced meeting planners or because their core competencies were in sales, marketing, human resources or support services?

CE&O is your turn key partner resource for understanding your objectives, identifying the environment needed to ensure engagement and executing your strategy with a memorable event that cultivates exceptional outcomes.

SALES – A sales meeting is to communicate the best way to sell the product and service, build relationships, identify solutions and benefits. But sales teams are also being called on to be a resource to potential buyers so training is essential. Over 96% of buyers now research you online before deciding to take the next step with you.

CE&O understands this and will collaborate with you on making sure your meeting is executed flawlessly. We can even create a communications plan that reinforces your objectives beyond the meeting

MARKETING – Strategies include tactics like advertising, promotions and social media to sell products and services as well as build client relationships. Marketing must also structure programs to retain existing business. For this reason, your marketing team needs to meet in an environment that will open up the creative process and encourage interaction.

CE&O will research and recommend venues and activities that will create an engaging environment for your creative types.

Formal meetings of the board of directors must be confidential, comfortable and efficient. Board meeting participants are executives who have a calendar full of people who want a piece of their time. These meetings contain a full agenda of policy, investors, analysts and other issues that require expertise and a lot of preparation.

CE&O operates highly confidential meetings in numerous business verticals including oil and gas, energy, high-tech, consumer goods, financial and non-profit. We know how to take care of the people responsible for taking care of business.

HR – Human Resources is the first stop for all new employee encounters. They are the face and voice of an organization through recruiting, hiring, training and managing employees to fill roles in the company. As a company grows, so do the responsibilities of the HR team.

CE&O can work with your HR team to plan an event that is conducive to welcoming new employees to your company, managing training programs and supporting them in challenging times.

EDUCATION/TRAINING – Education and training are imperative to being successful. Training takes on many forms including one-to-one discussions, teams learning new software programs, or hundreds of people attending a conference to learn new perspectives. The format of these meetings must accommodate busy schedules and individual learning styles. We all learn and retain knowledge in our own way and training dollars must be maximized by providing options to participants.

CE&O has extensive experience in planning training meetings for internal and external clients of your organization. We collaborate with your team to determine the best way to structure the agenda and handle the logistics which will offer your participants their best learning environment.

COMMITTEE/PLANNING – Everyday, groups of people are chosen from a larger group to act on or consider specific matters such as membership, finance, public relations, grants and other specialized functions.

CE&O works with corporate and non-profit committees with the understanding that these meeting objectives can be very personal to its members. The ultimate goal is for the committee to make decisions and convey the action required to achieve that goal. CE&O will manage all of the details so you can focus on your organization.

PRODUCT LAUNCH – These meetings signify the debut of a product or service into the market and there is always a lot of buzz around these events. These meetings usually mean you have to educate the team before introducing it to prospects and customers.

CE&O can help you communicate the products through invitations and registration, followed by designing the event that will reveal your newest and latest offering. We will make sure you have everything you need to convey the selling points in an experiential environment that highlights the product or service. First impressions are important, but first experiences are paramount.

REORGANIZATION – Organizations are faced with having to overhaul their internal structure for reasons such as reducing costs, improving departmental functions, repositioning the business and responding to corporate mergers and acquisitions.

CE&O recognizes that these occurrences are often confidential and stressful. These pressures increase the need to provide a high level of service and trust. CE&O partners with you to help you provide information and next steps for everyone impacted by a reorganization.

Regardless of the type of meeting you need to hold, one thing is certain, CE&O will manage your program so you can focus on the succeeding your goals.

Contact Corporate Events and Occasions to discuss your objectives and challenges. We’ll provide the planning and management services along with a high level of service you deserve.

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