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Corporate Incentive Programs

An incentive is one of the strongest motivational tools in an employer’s tool kit. Corporate Incentive Programs are designed to motivate people and spur them into achieving more than they are currently producing.

At CE&O, we know how challenging it can be to provide corporate incentive programs that all of your participants will enjoy and appreciate. We keep our team educated on trends and the latest offerings available as well as provide those tried and true activities people will associate with your destination. We will collaborate with you to customize the activities and give your winners a personal and memorable experience.

But we don’t stop there! CE&O can be your solution to finding and contracting any service you need to make your event exceptional including registration, site selection, transportation, décor, entertainment, speakers and gifts.

CE&O is here to make you shine! Just call or email us. We’re here for you.

Each team member’s motivation is as individual as their fingerprint. Cash and/or bonuses are short term incentives. In today’s economy, most people use cash rewards to pay bills. So, when the money is gone, so is the motivation.

That’s why over 50% of U.S. businesses use incentive travel programs to motivate their teams, recognize their achievements and retain employees. The percentage of incentive travel programs increase each year. Businesses spend the money via incentives, while reaping the rewards of increased revenue through satisfied and motivated employees.

Travel incentives aren’t simply to reward someone for exceeding sales goals. Incentives are used to reward entrepreneurial types that are delivering products and services that are changing the way we do business. CE&O is an excellent steward of their customer’s budget and is the incentive management partner who ensures that will ensure that your company is receiving the top services by spending dollars in the most impactful way.

Merchandise and gift card programs are thriving and many organizations structure their incentives to include these methods of recognition so the participant can select the reward that they want, not what someone thinks they should have. Luxury items and unique experiences are sought out by all types of employees.

Customer loyalty comes in many shapes and sizes, just like your customers!

The bottom line is that customers are loyal because their emotions are driving their decisions.

Customers have to have a positive, ongoing experience with your product or services to the point that they believe in you.

We all know that client retention is less expensive that going out and finding new ones and customer loyalty programs are the best tool to keep customers. And once they are loyal, they continue to buy, even if it’s more expensive than other providers.

CE&O wants to make sure we do everything in our power to design and execute customer loyalty programs that will showcase your products and resonate with your customers.

Planning, communicating and executing well-run corporate incentive programs requires experience and insights to current trends that are key to the success of your program. CE&O has seasoned program managers who are well traveled, well connected and tech savvy to create and maintain engagement.

CE&O is the partner your company needs to take your management goals and build them into a successful corporate incentive program. We can provide ideas that will interest your team and thus accelerate job performance. Our services include the management of ongoing communications and gaming designed to build excitement building up to the main event. These memorable experiences provide activity options that will interest everyone and include cultural components, wellness and corporate social responsibility goals that will inspire each member of your team in some manner.

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