Outsourcing Services: How to ensure you’ve made the right choice

Corporate Events & Occasions (CE&O) has been an outsourced partner to numerous Fortune 500 companies over the past 19 years. Our goal is to become an extension of our clients planning team, by providing logistical, marketing, branding and on-site event management.

Every client should have a checklist of what to expect when looking to outsource a portion or complete management of an event. Below are a few key items for the checklist:

  1. Number of years the company has been involved in the hospitality industry
  2. Current/Previous client testimonials and/or references
  3. Average number of years each event manager has been in the industry
  4. Stewardship of funds spent and weekly budget updates
  5. Dedicated Event Manager
  6. Determine the preferred method of communication: email, Zoom/Microsoft Teams, phone calls or some combination of those formats
  7. The selected event company needs to understand the client’s corporate culture
  8. An event management company that can anticipate client needs before they arise
  9. One to two-hour response time to emails and/or calls
  10. An event management company that can ensure Key Performance Indicators are met & exceeded

Outsourcing has a number of benefits that enable the client’s employees to maintain their productivity in producing content for the upcoming meeting, conference, tradeshow and/or special event. The outsourced team becomes an extension in securing vendor contracts, negotiating hotel/venue contracts, cohesiveness of marketing messages, and pre/post best practice recommendations.

The correct choice of event management company translates to a smoothly executed event, with no unfortunate surprises for the client. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to issues in advance of them occurring and exceeding expectations.

Building partnerships is the long-term goal for CE&O. We want to be your source for all current and future events, inclusive of branded merchandising, website management, event apps and consulting.