Working Remotely: Discipline and Enhanced Work/Life Balance

A great number of companies have shifted their employees to working remotely. I’ve utilized this workplace model since 2001. Overall, it has increased individual productivity and the company bottom line. Unfortunately, I have lost several very talented employees over the years. Those employees thrived in a more structured work environment and face to face interactions with both co-workers and clients.

One of the pros of working remotely is the flexibility to work hours according to your client’s global location. Additionally, the ability to structure work tasks with efficiency and avoid typical office interruptions is also a draw to the remote working environment. I have found that employees have enhanced their creativity with additional time to access webinars and online blogs defining industry trends. The biggest pro is working hours that fit an individual’s lifestyle and still allow for production of high-quality work product.

The cons of working remotely include distractions by kids, pets and friends. The concept of working from home doesn’t always resonate with those that have never done it. Many people think it means you are free to do whatever you want on a daily basis, without deadlines and/or accountability. The exact opposite is true and this is why many don’t flourish within a home work setting.

Working remotely requires a person to have a great deal of discipline and the ability to stay on task regardless of distractions. Personally, I enjoy working remotely and have seen my productivity increase at least 30% since the days I was in an office setting. I have found that I get more work done in less time and feel a greater sense of satisfaction in the final product. It has also given me more quality time to give back to my community and spend time with my family.